Hi there, we are Jacob and Emily - an average couple from country Victoria, Australia.

We get asked often, why “The Shack” …

“The Shack” is where we live, and believe it or not, it’s a shack - situated on 700 acres of beautiful Victorian country.

Built/established 2008.

A place for good times, beers, moto, fishing & everything country!! The name just has a ring to it.

Offering both Men’s & Women’s apparel including Hoodies, Tee’s, Trackies, Headwear, Accessories & more!!

Fun fact: we have actually been producing Shack hoodies & tees for over 7 years now, but online for only 3.

There is NOTHING we love more then seeing our brand all over Australia and the world. Make sure you tag us on Instagram @shackapparel

Happy shopping legends!!

Em & Jacob